ZUID Creatives named top agency in the Netherlands by FONK and customers

With a second place in the categories “most creative agencies” and “best business accelerators”, ZUID Creatives is among the highest-scoring agencies in the FONK150.

FONK150: The Best Customer Satisfaction Agencies

Every year, the trade magazine FONK, together with an external agency, investigates how various agencies are assessed by their customers on quality, service and customer focus. The result of that study is the FONK150, an annual list of agencies in the Netherlands with the highest customer satisfaction.

Recognition for a distinctive approach  

“We're extremely proud of an average customer satisfaction score of 8.9. And the moment is extra special,” says Annemarieke Scheperkamp, managing director. “Last year, we introduced our Brand Plan, an approach in which we help our customers in strategic and creative partnerships with the identity, appearance and targeted results that suit them very much. The fact that customers value us as a sparring partner and specifically reward their relationship with us with a 9.6 is the best possible recognition. All credits to the team of Southerners who made this possible. '

Mathieu Hermans (CEO ZUID Agency Group) awards medals to colleagues.

Confirmation that business creativity is successful

Mathieu Hermans, CEO of ZUID Agency Group, a network of creative agencies that includes ZUID Creatives: “Our labels ZUID Creatives, AudienceFirst, Brandgang, Biarritz and Otis Bay all combine a pragmatic approach with creative solutions. We call that “business creativity” ourselves. That we set the second highest score nationally on both best business accelerators if most creative agencies shows that we have found a form of cooperation that really suits our people and the customers with whom we work together every day.

The complete gradebook

Here's the complete list of customer reviews:

  • Dealing with briefings 8.8
  • Speed 8.6
  • Accuracy 8.8
  • Deployment & service 9.4
  • Functioning as a sparring partner 9
  • Creativity 9.4
  • Work effectiveness 8.6
  • Price-performance ratio 7.8
  • Administrative processing 9
  • Proactivity 8.8
  • Functioning as a business accelerator 9
  • Relationship Management 9.6
  • Overall satisfaction 9

The calculated average is 8.9, making us one of the agencies with the highest customer satisfaction nationwide.

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Annemarieke Scheperkamp
Managing Director - Managing Director -

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