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A pitch is a powerful tool for determining whether a selected agency is a good fit for your organization. It is a process that requires a lot of time, energy and investment from all parties involved. That is why it is crucial to maximize the chances of a successful collaboration. You achieve this by thoroughly preparing and understanding the rules of a pitch. Flawless cooperation is based on clear expectations management from both sides.

ZUID Creatives and pitches: PLEASE!

We love taking part in pitches and taking on challenges! We see a pitch as a competition, which is why it is a prerequisite that the rules are clear to all parties in advance. That is why we have a number of clear conditions when we participate in a pitch. These are based on the pitch guidelines drawn up by a collaboration between the VIA and the BVA:

  • Realize the efforts an agency makes to win a pitch. So only write a pitch if your plans are finally established.
  • Gather and provide relevant background information, explanations and clarifications.
  • Identify existing communications that you value highly.
  • Define the desired output and base a short but thorough (written) briefing on it, which is identical for all participating agencies.
  • The briefing should clearly show whether only strategic proposals or creative proposals are also expected.
  • Preferably do not invite more than 3 agencies to the pitch (more takes an unnecessary amount of time for both agencies and yourself), be open about the number of participating agencies.
  • Ensure a clear procedure and time schedule and stick to it.
  • Define the criteria by which the agencies are assessed and clarify them to them.
  • Be clear about the scope of the final order and the nature of the intended collaboration and the services you expect to use.
  • Clearly state what remuneration the pitch participants can expect.
  • In the event that no compensation can be offered, keep the questions to the agencies limited.
  • Be clear from the outset how you intend to deal with the proposals made by the agencies in the pitch, given any intellectual property rights that may be subject to them. Allow plenty of space between briefing and presentation to develop ideas (six weeks is usual for a full creative pitch).
  • The click effect is not unimportant, so let your employees get acquainted with the employees and agencies they may work with later.
  • Involve all decision makers in the pitch and ensure that an experienced person is always available to act as a point of contact for the agency.
  • Make sure that the business side of an agreement is complete before announcing a “winner”.
  • Inform both winners and losers about the decision with an open mind in accordance with an established procedure.

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Robbert Timmermans
Robbert Timmermans
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