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From employee to corporate influencer

Employees who, as corporate influencers, propose talented candidates from their personal network. It is the ultimate dream of directors and HR staff, especially in the current tight labor market. And also a practical solution. But what exactly is a corporate influencer? And how can you encourage employees to put you on the map as an employer?

Attracting new talent is a hot topic and all is fair in recruitment and selection. Recruiters therefore do everything in their power to entice talent to choose them. But your very best recruiter still appears to be someone without an official HR job title; your happy employee.

Make influencers out of your employees

When it comes to influencers, we often think of big names with a large audience who make agreements with large companies. But before you look for Kim Kardashian's song, remember that corporate influencers have different rules. For them, on the contrary, “smaller is better”. After all, corporate influencing is about personal contact and trust.

Don't fake it 'till you make it

The biggest mistake you can make is therefore to impose corporate influencing or chewing texts out. Once it's conceived, the power and magic are gone. The network of your employees notices immediately as soon as a message is not authentic. And then the conclusion that you, as an employer, are not authentic is quickly made.

How, then?

Create a sharing culture. Give your employees a voice and regularly provide experiences they want to share in an authentic way with those around them. As an employer who thinks along inside and outside the company gates in an original and involved way and makes great experiences possible, you will become an attractive party for future-makers who are looking for what you demonstrably offer.

Examples? We hear you!

Enschede software developer Moneybird wanted to do something special for people who have been employed for 5 years. Their approach? Give us your bucket list and we'll check off an experience for you. As long as it's something you're still talking about in the retirement home. One of their employees made it to the national press and went viral when Moneybird arranged her wedding dress.

Man and woman in wedding dresses

Your best ad isn't for sale

Corporate influencing is therefore about providing priceless experiences. That your people can hire because they work for you. This is more about creativity than deep pockets. Whatever you do, make sure it's surprising and logical at the same time.

Need First Aid for Corporate Influencing?

Our creative team of branding specialists is happy to help you come up with and develop rock-solid, distinctive and appropriate experiences for your employees. Alexandra is here to answer your questions: 013- 5450323.

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